Transport vision

Conor Hill's transport vision for Wellington

Conor Hill today announced his vision for moving people around Wellington. It's a vision based around efficiently moving people in a green, safe and healthy fashion.

For Hill, everyone should have the ability to move safely around our city, whether they are on foot, on a bike, on a bus or train, or in a car. Hill said "At the moment Wellington relies too heavily on moving people in the most dangerous and least efficient way possible way, in cars. We need to encourage a shift to efficient, safe, carbon neutral forms of transport. This includes buses and trains, and it definitely includes active modes like cycling and walking."

Hill wants to see our bus network fixed, light rail to the airport, a network of safe cycleways starting in the cbd, south and east, and a city that is a great place for pedestrians. Hill said "Every Wellingtonian deserves safe, reliable access to our beautiful city and suburbs. Wellington does not currently provide that. It's not reliable for stranded bus users. It's unsafe for cyclists. As I realised while with a friend in a wheelchair, our city is extremely difficult to navigate for people with accessibility issues. We can and must do better, by investing in public transport, healthy streets and cycleways."

To encourage uptake of cycling and public transport, Conor wants to see an end to "road socialism" - the provision of free space to cars - which causes daily peak hour congestion. Hill said "We need to start charging people who want to drive into the city at peak hours, to relieve the congestion the city currently experiences. Proceeds could be spent on the provision of better public transport."

On Let's Get Wellington Moving, Hill said "The facts are that it has has $3.4 billion of crown investment for Wellington city. All councillors at both city and regional council voted for this package, and it has the support of cabinet. It may not be a 100 percent perfect, but after years of neglect, Wellington city cannot afford to descend into election season bickering about this. It represents the beginning of a new era for Wellington"

"The time to talk is over. We need to start rebuilding our city for people, not cars."


Notes to editor

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