Quasi Quasi

Connie "Van" Hill, the pseudonym of mayoral candidate Conor Hill earlier released a major new work Quasi Quasi, 2019, Biro on skin.

Ronnie Van Hout, Burton Silver's Why Cats Paint, and "hande keiner" an obscure school of German expressionism which means "do not work" inspire Van Hill's practice. While it appears Quasi Quasi is nothing more than a cheaply mocked up facsimile, it's delving deep into the minds of handkind. It clearly explores text and subtext in a lasagne like layering of post modern experience.

Van Hill asks major questions. Why do I only get a kitchen bench top, when Quasi gets a whole gallery? Am I as frightening as Quasi? Would a hand run the city better than the current council? How about two hands? Are there no hands on the tiller? Who am I? Where am I? Why can't I see forever like I could when I was in Christchurch?

Handkind wants to know. A takeover is happening and a serious change in leadership will be needed to defeat it. Wellington, you are not in safe hands.

Conor Hill