Light Rail

Conor Hill signals Light Rail policy

Mayoral Candidate Conor Hill says light rail not trackless trams should be the backbone of Wellington’s public transport system. 

“Wellingtonians need a high-capacity, carbon neutral transport system they can rely on. Light rail from the Railway Station through our southern and eastern suburbs to the airport must be the backbone of that,” said Conor Hill.  “Light rail is the only proven technology that can deliver a reliable, carbon neutral transport system for Wellingtonians. We need to start building it as soon as possible.”

He said light rail was a far more reliable investment than the trackless trams proposed in ‘Let’s Get Wellington Moving’, which are an unproven technology: “If you’re wondering what a Trackless Tram is, you’re not alone. They exist mainly in Justin Lester’s imagination. By contrast, light rail is proven to work in hundreds of cities, and has recently been built in our similar sized Australasian neighbours, Canberra and Newcastle.” 

Hill said he wanted to see construction of light rail begin much sooner than the timeframe set by Let’s Get Wellington Moving: “We need to get on and build this now. Our Mayor’s current timeframe for trackless trams does not even begin construction for several years. It’s a plan with a timeframe that a change of government would destroy. I am proposing that construction of light rail will begin by the end of my first term in 2022. Wellington has discussed this for decades, we do not need to put the brakes on for another 5 years.  Let’s get on and build this.”

Conor Hill