Library win!

Conor Hill welcomes Justin Lester's stance on Wellington central library

Conor Hill says Wellington central library is a vital part of Wellington, and welcomes our current mayor coming to this conclusion too.

Conor Hill said: "It's clear Lester has listened to the many Wellingtonians who passionately spoke out for our central library. It would have been really, really naive to do otherwise. As candidates, it's important we listen to Wellingtonians and understand what they do want and where possible, cancel what they don't want. When Wellingtonians talk to me they want solutions to our housing crisis, not a convention centre. They want a real response to climate change, not an airport runway extension. They want to begin fixing our transport system, not a bloated arena on reclaimed land.

Throughout my campaign I'll be fighting for the issues that are important to Wellingtonians. I encourage Lester to do the same. "

Conor Hill