Launch speech

Kia ora tatou, 

Thank you everyone for being here, and thank you to Flo and Maddy for hosting. There are a tonne of other people to thank, but I will save that for October the 12thwhen we’re toasting my victory! I will give one shout out to Izzy for helping me with social. I wish that meant media, but actually it’s just about how to relate to people. Oh and if you enjoy the food, please go to Eden Fusion restaurant on Manners Street.

This campaign started out as a blog last year. The idea was to write about what could make Wellington better, particularly its housing and transport. People started taking the title seriously, so I did too.  3 weeks ago I wrote a post asking people what they thought of me running. The general feeling was very positive, and a number of people offered specific help, which was very humbling. 

It’s already been commented on that I don’t have a lot of commercial experience. It’s true that I haven’t had the commercial success of a Colin Craig, a Kim Dotcom, or a Gareth Morgan. Nor do I have the governance experience of a Jenny Shipley at Mainzeal, a John Key at ANZ, or a Doug Graham at Lombard Finance.

But, I think what I do have is valuable. I have a great, supportive relationship. I have a family who back me, and a supportive group of friends. All of this has already provided immense support. When I asked for feedback on whether to run, one of my friends commented:

“The fact that you are doing something about improving Wellington for the better and that you are even interested in getting feedback on how these ideas might pan out is huge. You are a good combination of being witty, opinionated & tenacious. 

I’d encourage you to give it a go and see where this journey takes you and I’m pretty sure some good things will manifest for the city.”

It’s very hard to write about myself, but this kind of comment made me decide to do this. 

Today is not the day to set out my entire policy platform. However bold ideas and strong action rather than empty statements are needed to fix our most pressing problems, which I see as affordable housing, our broken transport system, and climate change. On climate change, I have stated we should not build an airport runway extension. On housing, we should be prepared to accommodate more people in our existing communities, rather than in urban sprawl. I will be announcing many more specific policies. 

Norman Kirk famously said all New Zealanders want for is  “Someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for." We can build a city to love, with a home for all, places to work, and a future to hope for – for people and for our planet. I will be striving to achieve that vision through concrete action.


Thank you, and enjoy the snacks

Conor Hill