Cycling policy

Conor Hill announces his cycling policy platform.

Conor Hill wants an environmentally friendly city that is safe and easy to travel around. He wants to see safer speeds on busy streets and the urgent delivery of planned cycling improvements. Together these changes would make cycling much safer for many, particularly those in the CBD and eastern and southern suburbs.

Hill said “Our city needs to be safe for everyone. We need safe speed limits of 30 kilometres in busy areas, where peak traffic moves slowly anyhow. The first target will be schools, as our children deserve to be safe wherever they are, however they travel. We also need to introduce safe speed limits in areas with a large number of people - the CBD and all suburban centres including Newtown qualify here.”

The second part of Hill’s cycling policy is to provide some urgency to cycling improvements identified in Let’s Get Wellington Moving and Newtown Connections. Hill said “Delivery has been a real issue for this current council. Cycling improvements outlined in Newtown Connections have been identified, but instead of delivery, the approach seems to be to merely consult and delay for years at a time. We cannot afford to wait, and we need to move now to make a city safe for all it’s people to move around. I will work to get delivery of both Newtown Connections and many of the cycling improvements outlined in Lets Get Wellington Moving underway without further delay.”

Hill said “It’s when people can cycle safely around many different parts of a city that cycling really begins to take off. The combination of the above projects with existing infrastructure will get us close to having a safe cycling network to allow people in the south, east, and CBD to travel between many places. Its at this point that exponential gains to peoples health, travel time and the environment begin to occur. We have no time to waste. Let’s get on and make our children safer, our people healthier and our carbon footprint smaller.”


Newtown Connections

Let’s Get Wellington Moving Connected Cycleways is on page 2 here. NB. I will not work to deliver “high quality cycling improvements through Mt Vic” in my first term, as this appears to rely on a second Mt Vic Tunnel.

Conor Hill