Conor Hill announces

10 July 2019

Conor Hill to run for Mayor of Wellington

Conor Hill loves Wellington, and wants it to be the best city in the world. He believes homes should be affordable, transport should be reliable, and that vanity projects should be cancelled. That's why he's running for Mayor.

Over the years Conor Hill has called Wellington home, he's enjoyed its diversity. The endless roti. The coffee and the beer. The production line of sporting talent. The crags of the South Coast and the amazing gigs. Having a range of people next to each other sharing food, ideas and neighbourhoods makes Wellington what it is. But what makes Wellington so vibrant is under threat.

Conor said. "Wellington is a great city with obvious challenges. Homes and rents are unaffordable. The transport system is broken. Wellington's cars and draughty homes contribute to climate change. Pensioners, young families and refugees can no longer afford the rent, or handle the congestion.

"We have a mayor who can announce a climate change crisis one week, and open a petrol station the next, a mayor who can find 154 million dollars to home big business conventions, but only 27 million dollars for a housing vision. 

"I want a better Wellington with affordable housing, great transport options, and no silly vanity projects. If that is what you want, vote for me."

Conor Hill