Climate Change

Conor Hill today become the only mayoral candidate to release an honest, fair and ambitious plan to reduce Wellington’s carbon emissions.

Hill said “The big announcement today is a statement of intent to cap carbon emissions from the airport and airlines that use it. Every other candidate is ignoring this issue, putting it into the too hard basket. If we really are in a climate change emergency then we can’t pretend. Carbon emissions for flights cannot continue to grow.”

Hill promises to set up a mayoral task force to advise on how to implement reducing airport and airline carbon emissions. Hill said “I don’t have the answers, and that’s not a position I like to be in. But did Kate Sheppard have the answers when she joined the Women’s suffrage movement? Did Marilyn Waring know what would happen when she crossed the floor in 1984 to oppose nuclear warships? Sometimes we have to be bold. This is one of those times.”

As well as this, Hill wants an approach to reducing carbon emissions that is fair to working people. He wants to see warm, dry affordable homes located near good quality public transport and amenities. For the able-bodied he wants to see a shift from cars to public transport, cycling and walking. Hill said “A compact city with good quality public transport and cycling infrastructure is one which is more fun, more affordable and importantly one which dramatically reduces our carbon emissions. As Mayor that is what I will push for.”


Policies can be found here:

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Conor Hill