Transport vision

I believe every Wellingtonian should have the ability to move safely around our city, whether they are on foot, on a bike, on a bus or train, or in a car. People should be able to move around Wellington in a green, safe and healthy fashion. I have a full set of policies to cover transport in Wellington. There’s more information at the links, but here are the key points.

We need to fix our buses. This has to be a group effort, involving Greater Wellington Regional Council, Wellington City Council and NZTA. I outline who needs to do what in my Cheers driver! policy

I want to see Light rail to the airport, with construction of the first section beginning by 2022. This will bring a step change for Wellington and encourage urban regeneration through parts of Wellington which have been neglected for too long like Adelaide Raod and Kent and Cambridge Terrace.

Our city needs to be safe for people on bikes, scooters and other forms of transport. To do so we need a network of cycleways. In the next 3 years we need to focus on Newtown Connections and the cycleways outlined in Let’s Get Wellington Moving. If we can provide a network in the cbd, south and east, we can really start to see the benefits a safe network provides, allowing many different journeys. We can then roll out to the rest of the city.

Our city needs to be a great place for people on foot. The railway station is the busiest part of Wellington, but we needlessly devote so much of the plaza in front of it to cars. This should be one of the world’s great urban squares, a welcome mat to Wellington. All around our city needs to be more accessible for everyone. My Waewae express policy covers how our city could be better for people on foot.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving, while not perfect goes some way to providing this vision. There is 3.5 billion dollars of crown investment in this package. Some regressive politicians are bickering about some of the timeframes in this package, but they have no real alternative plan. Wellington needs to take this investment to make our city a better place for all.

Finally we need to stop road socialism, the practice where we give away valuable road space to cars for free. To relieve congestion and encourage a shift to public transport we must institute congestion charging. The proceeds can be spent on the provision of good quality public transport, cycleways and better urban places.

Conor Hill