Thriving communities

Thriving communities

Many of Wellington’s favourite communities prove medium density housing done well works for people and the city. From Oriental Bay, to Newtown, to Thorndon our most iconic communities have plenty of people living next to each other, sharing ideas, food and company. In the next 30 years, we will have an additional 50,000 Wellingtonians, minimum. Let’s grow our existing communities, rather than build isolated car dependent suburbs. It’ll make for thriving places with better amenities.

The council’s recent Planning for Growth consultation proved that Wellingtonians want to see people living in our existing suburbs, adding to our communities.  I support the suburban and central growth that Wellingtonians so strongly recommended in the planning for growth consultation. It’s a far better option than new suburbs in Takapu or Ohariu valley.

With an improved transport system we have the chance to enhance our thriving communities and connect them well.

So let’s make the most of our city, enhancing our suburbs and enable the kind of transport options Wellington deserves.


N/A – private sector.


A proposed district plan will be notified by late 2021. I want to ensure we keep to this deadline.

Climate change impact

Wellington’s climate change document shows that our most spread out suburbs have the most carbon emissions. If we build homes centrally rather than in isolated new suburbs we can expect a decrease in carbon emissions, as people living centrally close to carbon neutral public transport can commute and connect easily

Planning for growth summary

“In summary, people think the best balance for growth is to increase density in and around existing suburban centres and the inner-city. This is to do with keeping Wellington compact, and people as safe as possible from natural hazards. Wellingtonians have very strong views about keeping cars off the road to reduce carbon emissions”- Planning for growth email, 21st June, 2019.

Supporting documents

Planning for growth site. This shows the majority of Wellingtonians support my thriving communities vision.

Page 39 of Te Atakura - First to Zero, shows people who live further from the centre do more car travel, affecting carbon emissions.

Conor Hill