Sinking Lid for Pokies

Conor Hill announces plan to reduce the number of pokies in Wellington City

Conor Hill wants to see Wellington adopt a sinking lid policy for pokie machines. He wants to see no new pokie machines in any venues, no relocations of pokie machines, and no mergers of venues with pokies. It's a policy the Problem Gambling Foundation recommended in it's submission to Porirua's gambing venues policy. It

Conor Hill believes it's important Wellington does what it can to reduce the harm caused by problem gambling to gamblers and their families. Wellington is currently behind the curve when it comes to it's pokies policy. 20 other councils already have sinking lid policies. It's time Wellington shifted in the right direction and joined the likes of Auckland, Christchurch and Porirua by adopting a sinking lid policy.

Hill also wants to see Wellington review it's current policy as soon as possible. Under the Gambling Act 2003, councils are supposed to review their pokies policy every 3 years, yet Wellington's gaming policy is now 4 years old. The council needs to act now on Pokies.


No money required to make this change

Conor Hill