Off street parking

Conor Hill wants to see an end to minimum parking requirements in Wellington City

Conor Hill plans to do away with mimimum parking requirements throughout Wellington city. These are council imposed rules which force new homeowners into building car parks whether or not they own a car. Hill believes people should be able to choose whether or not they want a carpark, an incredibly expensive and increasingly obsolete requirement, which adds to the debt of first home buyers.

It's a change that is slowly coming anyway, with a new national policy statement on urban development. It's about time Wellington became an urban development leader again. Wellington was the first New Zealand city to remove minimum parking requirements from the CBD, and this should be extended this to all of Wellington. People should be able to make their own decisions as to whether they need a carpark, and we shouldn’t force people into homes vastly more expensive than they need to be.

Carparks should be a choice not a requirement for new homes. Building a carpark is a cost that many Wellingtonians don't want or need. In apartment buildings, providing a carpark adds well over fifty thousand dollars to the cost of a new home. This cost can increase to a hundred thousand on a hilly Wellington section. It’s a cost that could be avoided by removing minimum parking requirements.


No cost to the city. This policy creates the potential for cheaper homes, particularly on hill side sections and in suburban apartments and townhouses. So there are savings for new homeowners if they are so inclined.

Climate Change

This will have a good impact on decreasing new net carbon emissions. If less people build carparks with their homes and don’t own cars

Conor Hill