Light Rail

Wellington needs a fast, reliable, carbon neutral transport system. Light rail from the Railway station through our southern and eastern suburbs, to the airport can be the backbone of that.

We need a light rail system to the airport and we need it now. 

·     Our rapid transit must be light rail rather than unproven trackless trams

·     Light rail needs to be separated from vehicle traffic

·     Construction needs to begin as soon as possible


Cabinet has already funded mass transit to the airport, through Let’s Get Wellington Moving. This project is a Strategic Land Transport asset, and as such should be funded through the National Land Transport Fund, in the same way that our road to the airport is.


Currently mass transit is not even meant to start construction until the late 2020s, we need to be much more ambitious than that. I will do everything in my power to bring the construction of light rail forward, ideally to begin by 2022


Climate Change impact 

Light rail would replace vehicle movements with electric public transport, reducing Wellington’s carbon emissions. Having homes near light rail would allow people easy, carbon-free commutes and connections.

Conor Hill