Homes package

Housing is far too expensive for both renters and home buyers. For those most at need, housing is at a crisis point, with far too many homeless or facing housing stress.

To fix this unacceptable situation we have to invest in social housing, and deregulate to allow for more homes in our existing suburbs. I’d love to be ideological about this and tell you only one of these things is needed, but we are beyond that now.

Social Housing

As mayor I will advocate that the council pay for and build 750 social homes in the next 4 years. The council has not spent a single dollar on building new social homes in the past term, while rents and housing stress has increased. I want to change that and invest directly in building homes.

If central government allows it, some of these homes could be built on a small part of Berhampore Golf Course, along with beautiful community facilities. Almost nobody plays on this course, it is a very poor use of well located land. We should be using that for community and homes.

As mayor I will do everything in my power to ensure renters have healthy homes. I will extend the rental warrant of fitness to tenants, and fund that service as well as tenancy advocacy services. My full policy is here.

Finally, we must force Housing New Zealand to allow council tenants to be eligible for income related rents. The inability to currently do this has a disproportionate effect on Wellington as an independent I can advocate for this in a way our current mayor can’t.

Of course these initiatives cost money. I support selling our stake in the city’s biggest carbon polluter, and also borrowing money at an incredibly low rate. Find out more here.

More private homes

We need to make it easier for co-housers, developers and people to build more homes. I want to see thriving communities, a rating system that discourages land banking and cbd car yards, and a change to silly rules that make homes cost far more. Read more below.

Thriving Communities

First I want to see more homes in our suburban communities. The council has already consulted on this and this was the most popular option, known as Scenario 2 under this consultation. Every mayoral candidate should state up front what scenario they support.

Land value rating

I want to see the council shift from capital value rating to land value rating to enable more homes to be built. This shift would discourage land bankers and cbd car yards and encourage more homes.

Off street parking

I want to see the council stop forcing people to spend vast sums of money on carparks when they build a new home.

Conor Hill