Cycling Policy

Conor Hill has a four spoked cycling policy platform

Safe streets

Our streets need to be safe for everybody - pedestrians, cyclists, bus users and drivers. The best way to reduce harm is to reduce speeds in busy areas.

In any area with a number of people, be they on foot or bike we need safe speeds, generally a 30 kilometre speed limit. The target areas for this policy rollout are around all schools, the CBD, and all suburban centres including Newtown. In many of these places, 30 kilometres an hour is the norm through the busiest parts of the day anyhow. This just formalises what happens in practice.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving

The central city cycling improvements outlined in Let’s Get Wellington Moving need to happen. They don’t need endless rounds of consultation, business cases and paper work. Get on and make these changes as soon as possible.

Newtown Connections

People in South Wellington have been waiting for this for years, it’s completely on the back burner. It needs to be moved forward and the quick wins from this package should happen immediately. It does not need to wait.

Complete the network in the City, Southern and Eastern suburbs

If people can cycle safely around many different parts of an area, cycling really begins to take off. The combination of the above projects will get us close to having a safe cycling network to allow people in the south, east, and city centre to travel safely between many places. Its at this point that exponential gains begin to occur. Do it!


Much of Let’s Get Wellington Moving is funded by central government, and there is a live plan to deliver Newtown connections this same way.

Climate Change

Cycling and walking are the most environmentally friendly ways of getting around. Where possible we should be promoting these as much as possible

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