Convention centre

If possible, the Convention centre project should be abandoned

Convention centres had their moment in the sun under John Key. There was some bizarre cult mentality, an idea that these could solve all a city's problems. It was always ludicrous. New Zealand is the worst place in the entire world to have conventions. We are so far away from everywhere, not a centre for anyone. And while New Zealand is a bad place for a convention, Wellington is even worse. We don't and never will have a proper international airport. Our hotels are reasonably busy due to the amount of government work. If a Wellington convention centre was a great profitable idea, a private organisation would be doing it anyhow. The fact they are not tells you everything you need to know.

Wellingtonians voted for a Film Museum at the last local body election, but have been given a toy for big business instead.

Let’s not spend 154 million dollars on this boondoggle

Conor Hill