Climate Change

I want to see Wellington lead the world in an honest and fair approach to reducing our carbon emissions. Buildings, land transport, and air transport together represent 85% of Wellington’s carbon emissions, this is where we must make reductions.

As well as being climate issues, housing and transport are equity issues. Bikes and buses are cheaper than cars. Efficient, warm dry homes located near good quality public transport are more affordable options than mansions located in suburban sprawl that require two cars.


My homes package is built around the desire for Wellington to accomodate new people within it’s existing suburbs, in energy efficient smaller homes. I also want to stop forcing people into building new carparks, as we need to shift away from heavy reliance on cars. I want a rating system that encourages good land use, rather than urban sprawl and central city car yards. Collectively this will reduce our carbon emissions related to buildings.

Land Transport

If we build homes in the right places, providing good quality public and active transport becomes much easier. My transport vision supports public transport and better cycling and walking infrastructure. Urban transport is about how to best move people, not cars. Able bodied people shifting from using cars will dramatically reduce carbon emissions, and also make for a friendlier, funner city.

Air Transport

I want to see two things happen here. First I want us to see us sell our 34% stake in the airport. What is our city doing owning the city’s biggest source of carbon emissions? We should look to sell our airport stake and ring fence the money raised for the provision of new social homes or green transport initiatives.

Secondly, we must cap carbon emissions from the airport and airlines that use it. No one else wants to be honest about this, but we cannot keep pretending. Flying is the worst single thing we do for the environment. This cannot continue to grow. From me, this is a statement of intent. The way to enforce this still needs to be decided. In my first 100 days I will set up a mayoral task force to advise me on the best way to achieve the goal of capping emissions from the airport and airlines that use it.

Conor Hill