Andy Foster fact sheet

  1. At the last election he stood for mayor and for a ward. His ward vote monstered his (tiny) mayoral vote. Thousands of people who wanted him on council didn’t want him as mayor.

  2. Andy has represented Wharangi for 27 years. He loves the area so much he decided to have his campaign launch on the other side of town, cause his benefactor wanted him to.

  3. He’s a former or maybe current NZ First party member who Winston Peters has previously fulsomely endorsed.

  4. Despite running on transparency he is remarkably quiet on his role as airport director. Where does he stand on plans to tarmac huge swathes of Miramar for parking of, amongst other things, Hollywood’s Lear jets? Does he support the airports plans to massively increase vehicle traffic along Cobham drive? It’s plans to increase carbon emissions? We don’t know.

  5. At the last election he got thrashed by a carpet bagger, a spin doctor and a couple of other less experienced councillors.

  6. He is chair of the finance committee, yet is running against the current council’s record. He talks a lot about rates but voted for a hugely expensive convention centre.

  7. He doesn't care about Wellington’s big issues. His housing solution is to setup a UDA. You can’t live in a UDA.

  8. He wants to turn down 3.5 billion dollars of crown investment in Wellington. Despite voting for LGWM (along with Diane Calvert, Simon Woolf and the entire city council) mere weeks ago, Andy is now saying no to 3.5 billion dollars of investment in Wellington.

  9. HIs only natural allies are campaigning against him in Wharangi

Conor Hill