Last Post

This started out as a blog with a grandiose title. A way for a non-driving, city lover to vent his Wellington aspirations and frustrations. Like every other blog I've started, I assumed this would be a couple of posts, and then fizzle totally. And that was the initial trajectory. But then something interesting happened. Strangers started reading my posts on climate change, housing and public transport. A friend bought me a domain name. Some action groups got in touch, at least one of whom sees room for challenge to the current council. A slant of journalists called, emailed and messaged, wanting to know if I was actually running. In short, people started taking the title seriously.

So I started thinking, well maybe I should actually run for mayor? The little blogger who could. I once won a $1500 travel voucher for having a couple of pints on a freezing cold night, so stranger things have happened. I've got a bunch of ideas that would make Wellington better. Maybe I'd even enjoy the campaign. I'd get to argue, I'd meet a range of people, and learn heaps. Of course there'd be solid downsides, like intrusion into daily life, angry man styles, and a bunch of currently unforeseen issues. Is it worth it? What do you think?

If I did run, the next challenge is what sort of a campaign would I run? I bumped into a friend on the bus yesterday, and they'd had a dream about me, in which I was two mayoral candidates. A deadly serious one arguing about the issues of the day, and a McGillicudy serious one, in it for the laughs. "I have a dream that one day, my two little Conors.....". I can see the attraction of both. There's a tonne of issues that need fighting for, including affordable housing, transport options or climate change, and which councils can impact. At the same time, local body politics is ripe for sending up. So, if I did decide to run, what kind of a campaign should it be? Can you run a campaign on important issues but keep it light?

So let me know. Should I run for mayor? If I do, how should I run? Or, should I just hurry up and learn to drive?

Conor Hill